Outlaw surprise in order

As you've probably gleaned by now, we Outlaws are kind of chaotic do-gooders (that is to say, don't count on it, but we're definitely Random Act of Kindness practitioners).

And now, with our 10-year anniversary nearly upon us, not only have we put a lot of stuff on sale (pretty much everything) and launched Home on the Range Limited Edition Fresh & Summery Cologne and Wild Venture Limited Edition Woodsy & Wild Cologne (and handmade soap, and body wash), but we ALSO had a liiiitle surprise for some of you.

VERY little.

Especially for this momentous event of our DECADE in business, we got some special Outlaw pins. No, don't even bother asking: They're not for sale. Some things are just not for sale.

Unfortunately, we didn't get a billion of 'em (we can't afford a billion pins), but we did get enough to sneak some into some of the orders that came in over the weekend.

So if you've been with us for quite some time, look closely in your order... if you've placed more than 3 orders, you may find a lovely & durable metal enamel Outlaw pin. And if you've placed more than 5 orders, you'll get a fancy wood etched pin (pictured... because I've placed more than 5 orders).

Like I said, we didn't get enough to include pins in as many orders as we would have liked, but as always, we're doing the best we can over here. ♥️

Thanks for being an Outlaw! We've made quite a fine little gang, haven't we?

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Michelle McCabe

Placed a huge order the end of Feb & was looking forward to the pin as I’ve placed 22 orders since Jan of 2022, Oh well luck of the drawl LOL
Don’t worry I’ll still place orders, love you all!

Joann V Sykes

First order I made just now but I’ve been all over your site and I love y’all’s sense of humor. Can’t wait for my order to arrive since it’s a gift for my hubby and I’m excited for him to enjoy the scents and guess what I get to smell them too!

Brent Presnell

Howdy Y’all! I just want to say THANK YOU for your wonderful products and quick delivery, along with excellant customer service. My wife, Rhonda, and I both really enjoy the westerly, outdoorsy scents. And since we are no longer on social media of any kind, this was the only way to get a message to you. Thank you all and God Bless you all.


Sure hope I get a pin!!!!!