Kindness is Important: Part 1 of our Magnificent 7 Outlaw Values

Kindness was #4 on our Magnificent 7 Outlaw Values, but as I've spent time in this business, I think we underestimated the importance of kindness.

It's really something that has set us apart from other companies out there -- this idea that we would go out of our way to extend a little kindness in every interaction -- and it has really built relationships everywhere we go. And not just fly-by-night relationships, either... lasting relationships.

The account manager for our old printer emailed me out of the blue the other day, asking about a new business he was starting. He wanted to know if I wanted to be involved in some way, just because we really worked well together! That is a powerful friendship... to stay in touch with a supplier across several years to the extent that he wants to work together? I was truly honored.

The world is tough. Business is tough. Expectations are high and we don't always meet them... but we try.

Kindness all-around is important.

Based on our experience with you, we know you feel it too. We appreciate that.

Kindness is getting a promotion to our #1 Outlaw Value.

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