"It's like a membership card in a secret Outdoorsman/Outdoorswoman adventure club" - a note from a customer

Editor's note: We periodically get notes from customers who love our products. I have decided to publish them in our blog under the byline "voice of the customer." If you've got something to share, please contact us and send it over!

Outlaw soap products are a little club.

The bars of soap look and smell so good. The solid cologne is straight-up ninja cattle-roper good.

The body wash is epic -- great smelling but so NOT overpowering or stringent.

And the packaging of it all, and the copy that you really should read on all the products -- that's maybe the best part.

You're in this hilarious secret cowboy / cowgirl campfire Old West club just by using these products. Which sounds dumb, but it's really true.

You kind of have this hilarious secret club you're a part of with other adults who yearn to wear spurs and sleep near cacti. And hell, maybe you do some of that. Or maybe you just enjoy a good studly, independent, superhero secretly joyful set of stuff you use on the old bod. It's about pride, but just as much about adventure you're carrying around. It's like a membership card in a secret Outdoorsman/Outdoorswoman adventure club, where only you and the others who use the product (and your friends and lovers lucky enough to smell you) know it exists.

- Robert B, Los Angeles, Ca

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