Invest in Outlaw and Enjoy These Incentives!

It's the final days of Outlaw's crowdfunding equity campaign, where you can own part of Outlaw as we continue to bring a rabble-rousing revolution to the scent industry.

Not only do investors get to own a piece of Outlaw's expansive and exciting future, people who invest in Outlaw get perks like these:

  • $100: A Test Flight of Outlaw's New Scents
  • $500: A $500 Gift Card for
  • $1,500: We'll bring back your favorite scent (for a limited time) - If you're a long-time Outlaw, you've probably got your favorite scents & products. Invest at least $1,500 and we'll bring back any discontinued scent of your choice in the product of your choice
  • $2,000: Outlaw emblem ring, showing that you're a true Outlaw boss
  • $10,000: Your Own Scent Brand Starter Kit - We'll create a scent for you (pick from a selection of our scents) and design the packaging (within certain parameters). This perk comes with 50 candles, 100 solid colognes, 100 bottles of body wash (in our aluminum bottles!), and 200 bars of handmade soap
  • $15,000: Your Own Scent Brand Starter Kit, Plus! - The Scent Brand Starter Kit, plus a second scent & double the products. Add $5,000 for Outlaw's marketing coaching!
  • $20,000: Your Own Scent Brand Starter Kit, Professional - The above, plus an extra scent & 3x the products
  • $30,000: Willy Wonka's Tour: Come to our workshop and craft your own scent from HUNDREDS of options, and we'll make your starter kit while you're there! Airfare & lodging included. (liability release required, for Wonka-style reasons)

We're so confident in our scent creation process that we're offering scent brand starter kits as part of the perks... this is the process we've already started with our first private label client and it's an opportunity to work directly with Russ and me on crafting the scent you've always wanted. You can use these for vacation rental gifts, client gifts, or even sell them yourself!

If you've never invested before, don't be intimidated

Investing in private companies usually means you have to meet certain criteria (net worth of $1M or $200K income), but through the crowdfunding platform Wefunder, people can invest in companies that meet certain criteria (which we do, and you can).

You've seen our new plan in action...

First, we launched a more systematized approach to the Scent of the Month

Second, we innovated with some rapid prototype scent development with the Test Flights. (these sold out quickly!)

Third, we announced the Legends of Redemption scents. (and they're selling so well!)


Join us in our bold new future by investing in Outlaw today:

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