International Day of Happiness (Postponed due to unforeseen events?)

Not canceled. Postponed!

Our original intent for today was to liberally delve into the “Happiness” angle of International Day of Happiness.  We’d pepper this page with what makes Outlaws happy, and since this year’s theme is about what brings us together, focus on what us Outlaws have in common. What binds us. That’s a great topic. 

We’d probably have written about:

  • Puppies and grand-babies
  • The glorious outdoors
  • Singing in the shower with your favorite bar of soap
  • Drinks with friends, among other fantastic things!

But today, March 20th, around the globe, what we most have in common, is adjusting to how uncommon each new day feels, as our country and much of the world, shut down in a collective hunker.

So, to start, we propose to rename today “International Day of Heroism” in honor of those hunkering down.

Here is our Outlaw Public Service Announcement (made virtually standing on our Blazing Saddles soapbox!)

What we can control (as best we can, and besides hoarding toilet paper) is our physical interactions with others. Stay positive, by staying negative! The easy and neat part of that is most of us can practice “Heroic internationalism” just by staying put!  Containing the spread, flattening the curve, physical distancing, or whatever we choose to call it, is a sign of love for each other.  Dr. Sanjay Gupta said it best, “never have we been more co-dependent on one another” than at this moment.

That’s what binds us! Our collective caring for one another as we say "hey, bud, don't ya come near me!"

The other thing that binds us, Outlaws, I suspect, is the humility and respect we feel for our first responders (in this case, our front line health care workers, ambulance drivers, police, government officials, and others involved in coordinating this whole ball of wax).

We Outlaw folks are resilient, independent-minded, take charge kind of people. We are people of action. (and now we have to find ways of taking action from inside our homes)

The happiness part? What makes us happy, besides grandkids and puppy dogs? TO KICK THIS VIRUS OUT OF OUR COUNTRY AND REDUCE IT TO A DUSTY, SCIENTIFIC FOOTNOTE.

That’s what would make us happy.

To have Grandma and Pappap safe, the guy with diabetes, the neighbor with COPD, to have all our Outlaw peeps safe from harm. Corona-M-Fckr.  To have Corona remembered as a beer again, not a disease.

International Day of Happiness NEXT year will be a celebration of how we all came together to solve this thorny problem.

Stay safe out there Outlaws!


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