Danielle and Russ Vincent of Outlaw

I think we can all agree it's weird times. Most of us are hanging out inside, or going for solo hikes (being sure not to touch anything, and if we do, wiping clorox on our fingers)... It seems like there's a lot of widespread fear (I've heard it said that "fear" stands for "False Events Appearing Real") and a pretty huge gaping vacuum of clear and concise information.

These days, I've been doing my best to focus on the present, because that's what we've got.

This morning at dawn, the clouds blew in a snow storm and the whole thing kind of ambushed our house in a surprise attack Winter. It was absolutely gorgeous and more than a little magical.

I watched snow drifts form, reached out the front door, made a really fine snowball, and hucked it at a nearby post (I missed by a mile).

It has been unseasonably warm here in Reno. I think a few days ago it was in the 60s, so this storm was a delightful surprise. Any of the stuff that wasn't already cancelled for the Coronavirus (my friend Cindy was still going to play a show in town) was cancelled from the snow.

Russ and I are kind of reclusive anyways, so this whole "avoid public events" thing is really our jam. We were pondering making it out of the house for the annual Virginia City Rocky Mountain Oyster fry (yes, I know what "Rocky Mountain Oysters" are... and if you don't, you should definitely look it up). (alas, it was also cancelled)

As we all collectively, as a nation, reflect on our mortality and the mortality of those around us, let's remember to take the time to appreciate the magic and beauty right in front of us. Because life is pretty darn amazing.

Thanks for being part of this whole adventure. Good and bad, thick and thin, it's really cool to have such an incredible gang of customers, co-workers, friends, and family to share it with.

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