Every Team Needs a Little Reset from Time to Time

This week, between Christmas and the New Year, we've shut down our workshop for some much-needed deep cleaning and reorganizing.

All orders placed after Friday, December 23rd and Tuesday, January 2nd will be shipping on January 2nd and 3rd.

As part of our cleaning, we're retiring some products and offering them at a very delightful 30% off: https://liveoutlaw.com/collections/clearance-close-out

It was a really wild holiday season! Thank you, Outlaws!

New Outlaw Goods Coming Soon

Over the past few months, we've been working on some new scents and formulations. We're so excited about the new products coming up this year...

  • New subscriptions offering a variety of exclusive scents, including exclusive body wash and cologne!
  • More/improved scent voting: you'll be able to vote on the scents you'd like us to make and we'll explore compelling scents together!
  • Dog paw and nose cream for our favorite furry Outlaws!
  • New sizes and scents of solid cologne!
  • New scents of handmade soap & body wash!
  • New seasonal lip balm flavors!

The Retirement Party

You may have noticed some of our long-time scents and products in the Close-Out Clearance sale. This doesn't mean the products are gone forever, it just means they're getting a little break to make way for the new goods.

HOWEVER, for the foreseeable future, the only lotion we'll be continuing to make is Calamity Jane Lotion. This is because the lotion is very expensive to make and can only be made in pretty large volumes. This year, we learned a hard, sad lesson about what happens if we over-order lotion and it sits around too long (if it's more than 18 months old, it starts to lose its scent). (don't worry - the lotion didn't go to waste! We donated it to local charities)

If you have subscriptions to the discontinued products, we'll do our best to be in touch about changing your subscriptions before you run out.

It has been an exceptionally exciting year and we are VERY excited to ring in 2023 with you!

All the best, Outlaws!
Danielle & Russ Vincent

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Any word on the new scents you mentioned in December?