Don’t Talk to Strangers (Unless they work in Customer Satisfaction)

The standard rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t talk to strangers.

This rule is great, and very applicable in most when the guy behind you in the checkout line asks if he can sniff your hair, but what about when you get an email from your soap company asking you to tell your story?

With the definition of “stranger” evolving over the years- especially with the introduction of the World Wide Web- it seems the answer as to who or what counts as strange is less clear than ever.

At Outlaw, we get messages from a wide range of wonderful folks willing to pour a lil’ bit of their soul into an email and fling it into the void, where it just so happens that Veo and I -- your friendly neighborhood customer satisfaction enthusiasts -- tend to hang out. We’re a little strange, sure, but we do our darndest to make sure everyone who writes in gets a speedy answer, and we’re also the ones reading every story that’s sent to

I have the unique pleasure of being given a small slice of different lives every single day.

Many of my days have been made by stories and pictures of your adventures -- from finding original 1800s newspapers under a carriage house floor to riding a Harley through Virginia City, or falling in love with free-spirited guys and gals.

I’ve laughed (a LOT), I’ve cried (also a lot), and I’ve also truly never been more glad that people tend to like to break the rules.

To many of our Outlaws, Veo and I are just a couple of strangers on the other side of the computer screen, but that doesn’t stop folks from passing on their stories, and it doesn’t stop us from being touched by them.

Whatever you do, whoever you are, know that we appreciate your messages. You are the reason us two strangers love what we do, and we’ll be waiting eagerly from the void for your next email.

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