| by Danielle Vincent

Celebrate Calamity Jane's Birth Week with a Spicy & Sweet Scented Throw Pillow

The Outlaw pillow that feels snuggly and smells like Calamity (but in a great way)!  

We know you love Calamity Jane, so we decided to do something a little special for her birthday week: A custom pillow that looks like our handmade bar soap and smells like Calamity Jane: clove, orange, cinnamon, and whiskey.

Here's how it works:

  1. Order the Calamity Jane pillow from Cafepress
  2. Send your order number to us at howdy@liveoutlaw.com
  3. We'll send you a FREE Calamity Jane Air Freshener every month for a year (a $60 value in and of itself), which you can slip into the floofy pillow and sniff to your heart's content

Since this is a fairly manual process for us and we're just a tiny team, this offer is good for the first week of May 2021 only. We're tryin' it out after hearing how much you love Calamity Jane and realizing it was her birthday!

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