Blazing Saddles Deodorant VS Full Leathers on a Four-Day Motorcycle Trip

If you've gone multi-day camping, you know how easy it is to work up some *cough* personal odor. No showers, lots of moving around, sometimes a bottle of whiskey or two... it's not a combination for winning your pit stop.

Add full leathers and four days of riding and you'll get The Devilstone Run, a motorcycle ride from Devil's Tower to Yellowstone.

Last year, we sponsored the event and sent along mini-deodorants to help raise the arms and spirits of the ride participants. I figured we should get some product testing in with our sponsorship, and what a better bunch of test pits than rabble-rousin' motorcycle riders?

At the end of the ride, I checked in with the organizers at Go Fast, Don't Die.

They said (and I quote), "We've got to bring those on every ride from now on."

Turns out, body odor had been quite the issue for the riders of the past runs. With Blazing Saddles Natural Deodorant, not only did the riders enjoy effective natural deodorant that actually works, they got to smell like leather, gunpowder, sandalwood, and sagebrush... so EVERYONE won.

If you haven't tried our natural deodorant, you owe it to yourself and everyone around you to rule your pit stop!

Get yours here:

P.S. I haven't forgotten that this month is MOTORCYCLE SAFETY AWARENESS MONTH. So please be safe and be aware of motorcycle riders. They're just little fleshy sacks of blood hurling down the road and trying not to get killed while also enjoying the joy of two-wheeled transport. An extra check for a motorcyclist could save a life or a limb.

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