A credo comes together!
My own personal Credo dropped neatly into place after seeing my favorite movie Happy Feet II, which holds all the secrets to a life of happiness.  If you remember Sven, the puffin masquerading as a flying penguin, he had the following powerful words for us:

“If you want it, you must will it.  If you will it, it will be yours.”
- Sven, “The Mighty Sven”

That feels like my Credo!  When I’ve really wanted something, I’ve Willed it into existence!  I will “the glorious whatever it is thing” into existence, because I give it my full-on attention.  I roll in it (like a dog), until it becomes part of me (like caked on grass and dirt)… and then it is!

How about you? Does your personal credo involve rolling in a field like a dog? If you come up stinky, we’ve got a soap for that.

Now, awhile back, (the post from a day or two ago) I said I would have “love” in my credo, and the words “balls of steel.” Because I try never to break my word, I am re-fashioning Sven’s key words into my own.

Here we go:

I think Love is the most powerful force in the universe. (The smell of Blazing Saddles is a close second)  When Andrew Carnegie said “my heart is in the work” that was a simple way of saying he felt an emotional charge (love) doing what he was doing.

Love to me is an energy state – an energy state of pure positivity.

I want that energy state.  AND If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours.  Guess what else?  Love takes courage too, to overcome fear.  And Love takes action, not just words. Love requires standing naked, (figuratively, not necessarily in the literal sense, though there is that), and taking big scary risks. Thus, Love, to love fully, requires Balls of Steel!

My personal Credo is complete!   If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours. Go forth with Willful Balls of Steel, and Paint the World with Love! (and shower with Outlaw Soaps)

What’s your credo?


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