Countdown to Christmas: Day 16 - Using all the brain cells, with varying degrees of success

photo credit Arlette ThibodeauHOO boy.

This week has been one of the most intense of my career.

I'm in Orlando right now, waiting to get on the airplane that will take me to LA for Renegade Craft Fair.

I've been at a conference for Mozilla employees, contractors, and contributors. In addition to having this here fancy soap business with my husband, I also manage social media for the Mozilla Developer Network and the View Source Conference.

Meanwhile, our business absolutely BLEW UP from the minute Russ dropped me off at the airport. Seriously, it was insane. That Yahoo article propelled us into a great month of sales.

Russ has been filling orders and brought about 200 to the post office yesterday. And any time we have that many orders (especially fulfilled by only one person), there are bound to be some mistakes and some customer questions, so I've been answering those from the conference as I have time... but of course, since I am at Mozlando to work for Mozilla, I only was able to get to customer service after I was done with my Mozilla work.

And now I'm going to LA, where we'll set up a booth and sell for 7 hours per day for two days (plus set-up and tear down).

All the brains

Even though this week is an extreme example of the wide variety of tasks and projects I do, and yeah, it's pretty stressful, for the most part, having my life be three parts soaprah and one part social media geek is pretty awesome.

For my entire life, I have moved from job to job with a lot of boredom. I like challenges. I like weird stuff. I like figuring stuff out and saving the day.

But in every job, there comes a time when you're just doing your job day to day. Lots of people love that because it means that they're no longer walking the tightrope of inadequacy while they're learning a skill. But I find it really exciting.

And NOW, well, I have that crazy excitement everywhere. I mean, like I said, this week is a little too much excitement... but still, 90% of the time it's awesome.

I had to make a decision earlier today:

Was I going to commit to another round of View Source conference promotions or was I going to bow out?

I decided to commit. I like the Mozilla culture, I like my boss, I like what I do.

And now, it is time for a nap.

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