Oh, the irony... we get this name for ourselves being outlaws! On the run! Never predictable! No dull moments!

But the reality is that a lot of what we do and make has to  be predictable for our business. We need predictable products for our wholesale accounts, people get hooked on our products and get upset when we discontinue them, reporting is a thousand times simpler when we're predictable, and (possibly most importantly) product development is a money suck... so many reasons to enjoy predictability. 

When we're predictable, it means we're basically doing a good job.

It means we have a solid product line with solid sales. It means our stock shelves are tidy (and not stacked to the gills with one-offs). It means our recipes are easy to replicate.

But it also means we don't have the zazz that media and customers crave! So what if we're making more Bacon Soap? That was  soooooo last year (despite still being a solid seller and hella funny).

This year, I'm excited to semi-announce beard oil (or hair oil, or whatever). I wrote about it as my magic elixir the other day and I ordered the bulk supplies to make a limited (40 bottles) batch in the next couple weeks.

What caused me to derail our predictable train and veer off into the wilderness?


It might be my new favorite (of our) product. I don't care what competition is out there, because I am so confident that ours is the best. It makes me want to cry when I use it, just because life is so beautiful. I even spray it on my arms and sniff myself all day.


Coming soon: The Outlaw Soaps Magic Elixir (name tbd)

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