I got to thinking... why beard oil? Certainly men aren't the only people with brittle, hard to manage hair on their heads.

You may or may not have noticed, but I have blue hair. I know what you're thinking: it looks so natural! But guess what! It is totally not natural.

Which means that every month, I have to bleach and color my hair. How long do I leave the bleach on? Until it hurts so much I can't stand it anymore. How long do I leave the color on? Last time, it was seven hours.

My hair is damaged.

In fact, if I don't do much to it when I get out of the shower, it turns into a blue triangle.

After hearing about this beard oil craze, I decided to look up a recipe and make some Outlaw beard oil (hair oil? it doesn't sound as rugged).

In this magical stuff is jojoba oil, coconut oil, and hemp oil. It's scented with cedarwood essential oil (which I guess is both antiseptic and a bug repellent... yet to be seen) and a little of our campfire scent.

The result? PURE MAGIC.

I can't even words with how liking this I do.

It's some of the best smelling stuff I've ever made (and you know our line... we make some good smellin' stuff), but it also isn't very strong smelling. Since it's hair oil, it's going to be all up in yo face. I didn't want it to get tiring... just like a little love is brushing by your face every once in a while.

Speaking of face, the oils supposedly will not make you break out, and the cedarwood oil might even prevent that kind of thing. (I am break-out prone, so this will be thoroughly tested on my own face)

Coming soon(ish): headbeard oil. (?)

The jury is still out on a name for this magic elixir... maybe Vincent Snake Oil (not made for, by, or with actual snakes).

I would love your naming thoughts.

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