OH BOY! Russ and I are packing up our car, suiting up the dogs, and heading out on the road!

This will be the first real vacation we've taken since we started the business and I'm kind of anxious... I mean, what if orders come in when we're gone? What if we get a big PO and can't make soaps in time because we're out of our workshop? What if... nothing happens, no one orders anything, we get no more wholesale inquiries, and we have to close the business ALL BECAUSE WE TOOK A VACATION?

Yeah, it's scary.

We're going out to the coast first to go camping, then going to Crater Lake, and then hitting up Bend for a couple days, and then going to visit Bar Maids in Vancouver, WA, and then meeting up with some friends in Tilamook (WHERE WE'RE GOING TO TOUR A CHEESE FACTORY), going to a little town called Aloha, and then going to Portland (to visit Powell's, who might be carrying our soaps soon!), heading back down to the coast, and then coming home!

Sounds exciting, right?

I hope so, because I'm going to do my best to keep blogging from the road, which means you're going to hear all about the road trip. :)

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