We're planning next year's Clean Getaway Subscription Box (yeah, already) and I need help naming the theme for the year. We've been doing outlaws for two years and frankly, I feel like we're getting to the end of romantic outlaws who weren't actually assholes (my criteria).

Next year's is going to be ACHIEVEMENT ORIENTED. That's right, every month, you'll get a new outlaw-related task complete with a proficiency badge (just like in the scouts!), except for unlike those industrious scouts, the proficiency badges will be for things like...

Gambling and outrunning the sheriff.

My question to you is this: What is this gang called? We can't be scouts because we're not very scouty. What do we call ourselves?

Pick a name below and you'll be entered to win the next Clean Getaway Club Subscription Box (you can enter once per day)!

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