How did you hear about Outlaw Soaps? 

Saw a mention online, got curious, folllowed the link. Soap and bath products are almost the last frontier, we want them bland and natural, nothing artificial, or, sometimes even frilly, but not adventurous, outrageous, that kind of thing.

Which of our products is your favorite?

Hair of the Dog

Where were you born and what was your favorite thing about that place?

Brooklyn New York, and then it was corned beef and cheese cake, things have changed.

How many places have you lived?

8 or 9

If you could pick anything to do and be absolutely assured financial security, but you had to commit to doing it for five years, what would it be and why?

Working on a long alternate world history novel.

What is something that you have done at any point in your life that you think is interesting and you'd like to tell people about?

Before my kids were born my wife and I went to Borneo up into the Dayak country, rode a river raft in a rainstorm, I remember coming round a bend in the river and all I could see was green, but it was like a whole spectrum of greens, some dark, some light, some medium.

What do you like about Outlaw Soaps?

I like the out of the box combinations of smells, the mixing of different ingredients, they are not like everything else.

Anything else?

Anyone interested in a historical novel with Jules Verne as the major character where Captain Nemo is a real person and the world is very different than the one we know, please contact me.

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