How did you hear about Outlaw Soaps? 

I first heard about Outlaw Soaps when I was browsing mysubscriptionboxes for something new.

Which of our products is your favorite?

Fire in the Hole: Campfire Soap

Where were you born and what was your favorite thing about that place?

I was born in Maryland and the best thing about that place was the adventure you could find there. I remember when i lived in an area not far from the city i could walk less than half of a mile and reach a monstrous lake where i could pretend to be an adventurer and climb the rocks, scaring away the ducks that would frequent there. It was fun to feel like i was this mountain man or a hunger-gatherer rustling up food for dinner only to walk back home and order a pizza and watch tv.

How many places have you lived?


If you could pick anything to do and be absolutely assured financial security, but you had to commit to doing it for five years, what would it be and why?

I would easily spend my time trying to save natural habitats that are in danger while ensuring we can still build. I've always wanted to find the perfect blend of nature and machine and unleash it onto the world. I would travel the world study how nature runs itself, how certain plants and vines hold substantial amounts of weight, how certain terrains support certain things and how to combine that with our buildings now. I think that means i'd want to basically spend five years being Poison Ivy, without the murder and more of the building.

What is something that you have done at any point in your life that you think is interesting and you'd like to tell people about?

An interesting thing I've done... that would have to be building a tree house as a kid. I remember chopping the wood, smelling the fresh air and feeling like an old time mountain man (albeit on the hairless side). I was on a mission to live in a tree, it was my ultimate goal, the only point of being alive at that point as far as I was concerned. The only thing i needed was a horse waiting for me at the base. When it was finished I'd instantly moved all of my stuff there. I was independent! I would continue to "live" in that tree (my mom had insisted i shower home and waste a perfectly good lake) until dark every day. I'd wake up early and head out to the woods and gather food (which in reality became a bag of cheetos and a PB&J from in the house), coming back to the tree to read comics. It was the best time of my life now that i think about it on the cityscape.

What do you like about Outlaw Soaps?

First off, your name that is what first got me to check you guys out. A cleanly Outlaw is next to a godly Outlaw. I really love the creativity you put into your soaps. Seriously, who first thought of unicorn poop. I can not fathom the amount of times I've received weird looks I'm asked why i smell so nicely and i reply "I've simply incorporated poo in my daily regimen."

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