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Out with the old, in with the NEW

Soon, Lavender Plains will be but a fuzzy memoryBig changes are happening around Outlaw Soaps (like the fact that you're reading this on a new site), and one of those big changes is that we're retiring some soaps and starting to make some other soaps.

Soon, the following soaps will just be a fuzzy memory:

  • Bunkhouse Stampede, we barely knew ye.
  • Lavender Plain, happy trails to you.
  • Hangman's Soap, it's been fun hanging with you.
  • Wild Grass, we had some wild times.

Laundry on the Line is on the chopping block, so if you like it, you better start buying.

In addition, we have decided to kick up production on:

What's next? So far, the Customer Satisfaction Survey has overwhelmingly requested shower gel!

Want to direct the future of Outlaw Soaps? Go take our 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey!

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