Our subscription boxes are really doing well, and a commitment that I made when re-thinking our subscription model is that I would like to help promote other related small businesses in our subscription box. You might be thinking "ugh, another subscription box asking for free product," but that's NOT THE CASE. I want to pay wholesale for 100+ items to include in our box, plus I'd like to include a little flier about your business in there. Here's the box: http://www.outlawsoaps.com/…/the-clean-getaway-subscriptio…/ Q&A: Q: When's the next box? This sounds totally wonderful! A: Thank you, fictitious question asker! I agree! The boxes are bimonthly and we just sent out November's with Katie Daly's Mountain Man candles. We're squared away for January -- Kismet Andrews and Marilene Kitada Richardson are our January peeps, but we're looking for March and onwards. Q: What kind of products are you looking for? A: We're looking for Western/Rugged lifestyle products not including soaps, balms, and lotions. We have our boxes scheduled by outlaw or historic event, so the upcoming March box is Wyatt Earp. Contrary to popular belief, we actually have more women subscribers than men (though we've probably got higher-than-average men for subscription boxes), so especially the kind of thing that adventurous people like. In particular, I think our subscribers like stuff that makes their life easier/more efficient. So if you somehow have a combination shampoo and conditioner bar that smells like whiskey and campfire, that would be ideal. We'd prefer full size products, but we can do samples if they're really awesome samples. Q: How many items are we talking about here? A: For March, about 120 or so, increasing by about 5% bimonthly after that. Q: What price point are you looking for? A: About $3 wholesale. Nothing above $5. If we include it with something else, our budget drops accordingly. Q: I make soap and also incense. Would you be interested in the incense? A: Yes, unless soap is exactly like ours. Because that would be weird. Q: Do I have to pay for the printed material in the box? A: I'll include a flier if you send one (you'd have to pay for that). Every subscription box comes with a directory of contents, and I always provide info about the item there as well. Q: I don't have anything but my friend / cousin / co-worker who isn't part of IBN would be interested. Can I send this to her/him? A: Absolutely. Q: THIS SOUNDS AWESOME! SIGN ME UP! ... um... where do I sign up? A: Email me at outlawsoaps@gmail.com. Don't expect an immediate reply since I'm totally cray cray for the holidays.

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