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Full frontal frankness: our soaps reviewed in a very forthright note

(reprinted with permission) We got this wonderful email from Harmony, outlining her full thoughts on the soaps she ordered. I thought I'd share.
Hi there, Outlaw! I've been thoroughly enjoying the soaps that I ordered from you guys. Ya'll asked for feedback on your product so here a small break down on my experience, thus far: The first one that I tried was Pine Mountain. Oh, thank you for the little rubber chicken and bumper sticker . Not being much of a pine scent person; I decided to use it as a hand soap. Pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy the smoky pine smell that it leaves on my hands; I find myself looking for excuses to wash my hands. Nice job on that combo, and with a nice subtle pine smell. I only wish that I had more, now. Orange Grove is more grove than orange than I expected, with somewhat a fresh tilled earthy smell. I'm still looking forward to trying Wild Grass and Sage Copper Canyon. Sage Copper Canyon smells really awesome and I'm holding back on that one till last. Blazing Saddles has a leather scent that lingers longer on the skin that is clean and nice. It reminds me of a country western clothing and leather store. It also smells perfect for both men and women and grows on me every time I use it. Campfire smelled so nice when I first opened it and I thought that it would be one of my faves, but I'm just a little disappointed that it's so subtle; it doesn't leave much of an impression on the skin. Coffee! My absolute favorite thus far. It smells like a warm and quaint coffee shop. I'm only a little sad that the round soaps seem to melt away quicker than the square ones and it's going, going fast. This one I will order again; if your new batch is like the one that I've been using. You guys are awesome, and keep up the fantastic work! The soaps lather up like champs and leave the skin clean; yet soft, throughout the day. Thank you. I can't wait to try out Unicorn Poop. ~Harmony
We really appreciate this kind of feedback! Our next campfire will be stronger (that'd be Fire in the Hole, actually), and the coffee bars we made are just like the little rounds, but bigger and bar-shaped. So hooray! So, THANK YOU SO MUCH, Harmony.

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