From one of our pregnant customers:
Dear Outlaw lovers, idk what it is that went in that soap or what its superheroic extra powers are now that I've gotten preggerz but some of my cravings are to have to shower and use that damn soap. I might have to also order some clove soap too as I'm running out of Tiger Balm. Love you lots, Scan
AWESOME! We love to hear that our soap is a healthy alternative to KFC and Ben and Jerry's (that was mine, at least). Thanks so much for the note! In love and cleanliness, Outlaw Soaps

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John Haley

I was using my on-hand Fire in the Hole and Blazing Saddles soaps stacked in my bathroom for a great scent there. Yesterday I took most of them and put one or two in each clothes drawer. My clothes will now add the aroma along with the Outlaw soap and cologne I’m using.