Who Are The Outlaws?

We don't usually reveal our true identities, but since you're on the inside, we may as well show you around.

Danielle Vincent

Danielle Vincent

Danielle Vincent, born in Los Angeles, and raised in Seattle. She's a no-nonsense straight-shooter with a love for the rougher things in life: camping, backpacking, and touring old ghost towns.

She's held a variety of jobs, mostly of the digital sort, and has also written a book about your favorite mythical equines, the You-nicorn.

Russ Vincent

Russell "El Guapo" Vincent

Russell Vincent was raised in California, Wyoming, North Dakota, Montana, and other dusty, cold, wild places. He even had a horse named Geronimo when he was a kid. His heroes growing up included John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Charles Bronson and he's seen every spaghetti western ever made. His passion is helping people and fixings thing....oh, and fire. He quit his corporate head hunting job over fifteen years ago to do what he loves. That's included selling vintage European cars, working as a producer for the Discovery Channel, and now being the Best Soap Maker in the West. Known to spend most of his vacations camping in the desert, he loves road trips and being outdoors, the smell of the forest, ocean and plains.


Marci "Early Bird" Hovanski

Marci “Early Bird” Hovanski Born in the Northern California valley, raised in the Nevada County Gold Country hills where she resides still to this day in her family homestead established 1943. A true california native. Original outlaw. Lover of Rocks and Minerals. Spends her free time lounging on the shores of the Yuba River with her three amazing children. Or dancing the night away in a fluorescent wonderland. Marci has a passion for Rainbows.. Which led her to our Unicorn Poop! She calls it the “gateway soap.”

Honorable mentions

About Roxy Vincent

Roxy's puppyhood is a mystery, but she joined the Vincent family on May 10, 2013. She is the head of our animal testing division, ever vigilant in her quest to end unnecessary baths (i.e. all of them). She loves running, running, running in the tall grass, the idea of cats (but not actual cats), chasing birds, investigating that rustle over there, and curling into a small ball and going to sleep.




About Sadie Vincent

sadie vincent cute puppySadie joined Outlaw Soaps as Sr. Cuteness Manager, ensuring that standards of adorability are being met throughout the company at all times. She found us at the Jack of All Trades Market at Jack London Square, thanks to Hopalong Animal Rescue (and Carol!) and immediately agreed to join the team in exchange for partial steak in the company.
(get it? steak? hahaha! *high five*)