We're not hippies. (ok, we're kind of hippies)

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Our Soaps are Tested (almost) Entirely on Humans!

Russ and I both hope you enjoy our soaps. We test them on ourselves first. Sometimes we test them on Roxy in the form of a dog bath (though she is actively trying to stop this inhumane practice). New soaps are always sent to our dedicated tester army. After all that testing, we are really confident that our soaps are gentle and delightful. If you find this to not be the case, please let us know. Everything is a learning experience and your skin may be different than other people's skin.

Our Footprint Will Self Destruct

Each soap is wrapped in biodegradable plastic and a recycled kraft paper wrapper. When possible, we recycle packing materials (that's why you might get something packaged with peanuts or wrapped in newspaper). Our burlap bags (used for wrapping as well as padding) will decay (but we hope you'll re-use them). Many soap makers use disposable cups, stirs, and towels. We have invested in reusable containers and terrycloth towels. It takes a little more time to clean up, but it's worth it. Our goal is to have as small an ecological impact as possible.