Press Releases

July 29, 2013

Outlaw Soaps Provides the Drinking Solution to Your Drinking Problem

The Hang Over Beverage and Soap Holder Keeps your Beverage Out of the Water and Your Soap Well-Preserved

Oakland— August 1, 2013 — Outlaw Soaps has invented a new bath accessory designed to keep your beverage of choice fresh and at-hand while you’re executing your morning cleaning routine. Called the “Hang Over,” the product hangs over a shower door or rod. It can hold several different shapes of glasses and cup easily. Read More

July 9, 2013

Love the Smell of Fresh Campfire in the Morning?

Oakland, CA – Vincent doesn’t believe that people should wash off smells like gunpowder, whiskey, or campfire. Instead, she wants people to wash them on. “Keeping a connection with these things, even as you go about your daily life, washes boring feelings right down the drain and replaces them with awesome, victorious, and amazing inspiration,” she says. Read More