Let's get this started!

Howdy! I'm Danielle and I'm the co-owner of this little enterprise. Since we know it's hard to figure out where to start, I made this guide (at least until I figure out how to start better).

If you just want to try our handmade soap because people have talked about it and you're curious...

Try our six-soap best seller sample set, and decide what you want once you try it.


wild life set handmade soaps

Do you like whiskey, gunpowder, and leather? Try the Wild Life Set




Do you like the outdoors? Try the California Collection


Every order comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're unhappy, we'll take it back and refund all your money. Yep, that's how confident we are that you'll be absolutely delighted.

A word about our categorization...

We have tried to figure out how to best categorize our products without using "men's" and "women's" descriptions. The truth is, we make our products for everyone.

We have tried to come up with intuitive categories and totally failed. The fact is, our scents are as multi-faceted as our customers, and trying to pigeon hole them into tidy categories is as futile as asking what you'd like to do every morning for the rest of your life.

Here's how we worked it out:

Scents that are native to the outdoors go in the "outdoorsy" section.

Everything else, including our boozy, campfire-y, and leathery scents go in the "lifestyle" section.

All the other categorizations are just other ways of breaking things into manageable chunks.

I know it's clumsy. We're totally working on it. In the mean time, this is what we have.

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