Kiva Zip Updates

Because updates to our Kiva Zip loan page are only visible to lenders, we wanted to include a page that covered how we are using those funds so everyone can see.


Russ and I bought another 25 lbs of one of our most important fragrance oils yesterday at 40% off the price we had been paying, just because we could buy it in bulk. Yes, it was hard to pull the trigger on a $270 purchase, but we know it'll be good in the long run.


Just bought another 2,000 boxes from Guided Products. Our first order of 500 was $1.51/box. We're down to just $0.43/box thanks to your support and our ability to buy in bulk!


Another update on how your money's being spent: Just today, I was able to negotiate one of our major fragrance oil suppliers from $27/lb to $19/lb because I ordered 25 lbs at one time. That's a $200 savings for one of our most critical supplies.

We're so grateful for the support and are getting incredible leverage on every dollar. And because it's your money too, I'm being even more of a bulldog when negotiating price breaks. Because you deserve it!


The bacon scent that EVERYONE loves will go from being $21/lb to only $16.75/lb!

That's a savings of about $120/year! (not to mention that we'll get it in barrels instead of individual bottles, which means lots less waste!)


Last year, we spent $35/100 burlap bags. If we buy 1000 at a time, we get them for $30/100... that's a savings of about $150 over the year.


WE ARE BLOWN AWAY by the support we have received for our campaign in just the few short hours that we've been live. I'll post more updates soon, but just to give you an idea of the kind of savings you're helping us with, the company who supplies our lye sells 500 lbs of lye for $0.51/lb and we have been buying it 100 lbs at a time for $0.91/lb.

That alone will be a savings of more than $400/year, thanks to YOU.