What do Outlaw Soaps customers say about us?

Our customers are amazing. I asked them to share what they thought about Outlaw Soaps and they sent me these beautiful notes. If you missed the newsletter calling for testimonials and you'd like to leave one, please see this blog post. Thank you so much!

"Soap is soap right? But Outlaw soap isn't just soap, it is an experience that washes over you. It's not that the soap is magical or that it does for my skin something that no other soap ever has, that makes it special (although it really IS high quality soap that really DOES leave my skin feeling nice). What makes buying soaps from Outlaw Soaps such an experience is that their soaps are made by REAL people who have REAL passions and their whole brand reflects that.

If you have never ordered from the Outlaws website, you don't know what you are missing. Just shopping the available products and gift sets is its own experience worth devoting a full cup of coffee to. Reading each description and looking at all the photos is fun as hell. Reading past Blogs and following along with current Blogs provides further insight into who the Outlaws are and how truly gifted they are as "American Small Business Folk". Remember those days when you used to call a friend just to listen to the clever message they left on their answering machine? The whole order confirmation and shipping notification process reminds me of those days.

The Outlaws (Danielle & Russ) make every bar of soap BY HAND, package it BY HAND and send it to me with a little special note or trinket, they stop just short of gift wrapping each order for me (although they offer wrapping on the website). The whole transaction is more about the Outlaws inviting me to experience the things that bring them joy than being about a simple sale.

If I had to some up the 'WHY' I consider Outlaw Soaps to be more than just a bar of soap in my shower in the fewest words possible, I would say this: Outlaw Soaps are fun to buy, fun to give, fun to own, fun to use and fun to follow BECAUSE they are made with all the love (not the creepy kind) the makers can put into their business...and I know it the moment I open the little box that arrives in the mail." - CBLindsay

"I love, love, love Outlaw Soap!! I have ordered the Hot Chocolate soap for myself as well as other products for friends and their quality is top notch. I always enjoy following their witty, clever posts on social media, and love their intelligent, thoughtful, fun vibe. I will definitely continue to recommend them to friends. I am all for supporting our local "mom and pop" stores by especially the younger generation who work so hard to make it on their own. Outlaw Soaps is doing just that. They rock!!!" - Kristine Schomaker, Los Angeles Artist

"Ladies and Gents, this is the greatest way to clean yourself ever invented. Soap that smells so good you want clean yourself more than you need to. Most of us anyway. Hair of the Dog soap, my favorite, not only cleans me but wakes me and has cut down on my need to make that extra cup of coffee. Win win! I have used several soaps from Outlaw and all I can say is WOW. Just thinking about them makes me want to shower, which I am going to do now. Be fearless, be clean, be an Outlaw." - jimm

"I came to Outlaw Soaps through my curiosity about whiskey soap, love of coffee, and obsession with the smell of fresh cut grass. The concept that there was one place - one company that had all three done well left me a bit dubious. So I ordered - and first - ok - I'm a sucker. The emails about having placed my order and providing tracking numbers - completely surprised and charmed me and made me really want to like them. The soap would be the real deal breaker though. Charm or not - it's about the product. My stuff arrived fast (like crazy fast) - packaged well - and with a couple of charming little treats to surprise me. Ok, still super charmed but what about the soap. OMG THE SOAP. It was perfect. Not overly cloying or too flowery. Smelled like what it said it did - in the best possible way it could, and still smelled absolutely luxe and clean. Win Win. I now have an Outlaw Soaps archive in my bathroom and usually give traveling houseguests a bar as a parting gift because I have not yet met anyone who isn't all - OMG what is this, where did you get it, wow wow wow. Absolutely great product and company." - Emchy, Oakland Musician / Loyal Outlaw

"I'd been buying my soap like any other jamoke - from a local supermarket. It was the kind that looks like every boring light green bar of soap that came before it and will come after it. A soap with some fuddy duddy scent name like "Misty Rain" or "Waterfall Farts" that actually smells like some weird fragrance. But those soaps left me with irritated, dry skin.

But then a buddy told me about Outlaw Soaps, and the fine folks over here who make soap that actually smells like things. Things like bacon, and whisky, and gun oil, and coffee, and also bacon. Yep. Bacon.

So I gave them a shot, ordered me a couple of bars and some shaving soap. Aside from the fact that these soaps smell fresh, and match their descriptions extremely accurately; the soap is soft, it'll get you clean, and it doesn't irritate the skin like those Big Brand Soaps. The scents are not overbearing - you won't walk around smelling of booze. But you will smell clean and delicious all the same.

The shaving soap in particular is fantastic. Suds up really nice - hell, go get yourself the whole shaving set. You won't regret it." - J. Robertson

"I love Outlaw Soap! The products smell so good and they always come in fun and amusing packing. I swim three times a week, and OS helps keep my skin soft and smooth despite the chlorine." - Heather B

"I enjoy using Outlaw Soaps a lot! I purchased the 6 bar sampler for myself and was not disappointed! Their soaps don't leave a residue on my skin like some other natural soaps. Plus, I signed my grandfather up for the 'Clean Getaway' subscription box earlier this year... and I now receive a phone call every time it comes in with him exclaiming about all the goodies he gets ! Not to mention their customer service is AH-MAZING! When there was an issue with my addresses they were very prompt and helpful in solving the situation. Definitely recommend this company to anyone and everyone! Especially those Old Western lovin' individuals ;)" - Morgan L

"Great smelling, quality products. Great company! Blazing Saddles is the bees knees!" - Gary Manier, satisfied customer.

"I love Outlaw soaps. I have used them and also ordered for friends. They are so creative with the titles. They smell so great. I also love the bumper stickers that came with them. Just very cool." - Connie Golden Bellevue, Nebraska

"I can't recommend Outlaw Soaps highly enough. You know how you search and search for a product or line of products, and when you find the golden one, you stop your search, and your quality of life is a little bit better? Well, Outlaw Soaps is that golden chalice for me, in the department of soaps, moisturizers, and other various hygienic sundries. The scents they use are always pleasant, never chemically or pungent, and the products are so good to my skin. I will never use another soap again. Also, the packaging, customer service, and shipping speeds are top notch. I really mean it. This company gets an A+ on all counts!" - Holly of the Valley

"I love that Outlaw Soaps make me feel clean but not dried out at all. I tried out a couple of sampler packs and all the fragrances were great, but Blazing Saddles was my favorite - it really is pretty sexy. The bf loves True Grit; it's the best exfoliating soap he's found and it doesn't irritate his skin like most others do (allergies). They look pretty nice in the soap dish to boot!" - Danielle

"Outlaw Soaps makes an excellent product that is a wonderful special treat for me or the loved ones in my life. Their packaging is minimal, attractive, and biodegradable (or recyclable... I can never recall which, feel free to edit this to put the correct word in and remove this parenthetical ramble, or not). I love the sort of gift that says "I know who you are, and you remind me of an outlaw sometimes" and isn't just a bottle of booze." - SarahD

"First of all, is there anything better in this world than something called UNICORN POOP?! Seriously. Name something. Anything. YOU CAN'T DO IT.

Secondly, the orders I've placed in the past have not only been delivered on time and in prime condition, but there were nice little touches like a swanky burlap soap bag and a hand written note from these two fine proprietors. In closing, this is the best damn thing since sliced bread. Great soaps. Great scents. Great experience that's both fun for the giver and the recipient." - Greg P.

"I am not a fan of Hunter S. Thomson. I never understood his angry journalism and self-hatred. However, I really love the look, feel and smell of Hunter S. Thomson soap. It looks like swirls of red, white and blue and I use it in the shower. The smell is spicy, smoky and fresh. It's what I like about Outlaw Soaps - innovative, controversial, bold. Like me (except controversial) - well I do scare people sometimes with my activities such as backpacking solo. I also love the packaging (reusable convenient-size boxes and adorable burlap bags) and personable, yet sometimes risky, copy written by this husband-and-wife team of entrepreneurs. I only shower with Outlaws." - Cathy F.

"There was a time when soap was simply something I was told I had to use, because hitting myself in the face with a wet washcloth just wasn't cutting through the grime. I labored through showers and bathing, blinking, and wondering why everything vaguely smelled like someone had spilled a few too many chemicals under the sink at the same time.

Then, I found Outlaw Soaps. They turned showers in to an experience I could enjoy, instead of dread. Nothing quite like smelling whiskey and gunpowder in the morning to get things started RIGHT. I've signed up for their Clean Getaway subscription, and I haven't found anything I wouldn't love to get sudsy with. That's a thing right? Right. Anyway, I can't really say enough good things about the products they offer, or the people themselves, except that you should definitely give them a try!" - Aleris, Newly created Soap Lover and Suds Officianto

"I love artisan soaps and am always sampling different makers' products, and I return to Outlaw Soaps again and again. The scents are just the way I like them: strong, multi-layered, and lingering on my skin. No other soaps I've found smell like my Outlaw favorites: Fire in the Hole, Blazing Saddles, Hair of the Dog, and Dusty Trails. Plus the company absolutely defines "enhanced experience" and "authentic." The newsletters, blog posts, website, and even the email responses to placed orders all have so much personality. Not only do I receive unique high-quality products, but the whole experience is just plain fun!" - Barbara MacRobie

"A box arriving from Outlaw Soaps is cause for celebration. Ordering is a breeze, shipping is super fast and friendly, and the products are to die for. The scents are amazing and I have never had a reaction, even though I have super-sensitive skin. Add to that awesome packaging and fun surprises in the box!" - A. Call

"I'm new to Outlaw Soaps, and I'm hooked. I've been using both the Blazing Saddles and Hair of the Dog soaps, and I love that they leave me smelling like Ron Swanson on a brisk autumn day. With a lot of commercial products by the likes of Axe and Old Spice, I felt like I smelled like a teenager trying to cover up his b.o. with unnatural fragrances like "Timber," "Sport," or "Fresh." No more. I also use the Beard Elixir and Blazing Saddles rub-on cologne. I think my wife is just as much a fan of me using those as I am." - Andrew, a proudly bearded man

"I have been a customer for a while now. Never had a bad experience. I look forward to every shipment of soap I order. The scents are unique and emphatically MANLY! I love the sticks and use them daily. Ladies, if you wish to make yourself and your man happy, stock up today!" - David Maier Sandy Hook, CT

"Outlaw Soaps is great! I started using natural Soaps because I hated the way my skin felt after using other various body washes, Soaps, etc. I tried a few other companies before stumbling upon Outlaw. Ever since I've been hooked on not only their products but their Facebook posts and newsletter. The soaps are amazing!! Every scent smells great but I am hooked on Blazing Saddles. I know its weird to say, but I take whiffs of myself during the day because I smell damn good. Top it off with the new Beard Elixir and I'm like a human air freshener. Excited to see them grow and new scents and products coming out. Can't wait for those candles!!!!" - Ed B

"If most scented soaps are a milk chocolate bar with caramel filling, Outlaw soaps are a chunk of dark chocolate. Subtle, less sweet, but rich and fulfilling. I like some more than others, but there hasn't been a dud yet. Now to be fair, if you're used to most commercial soaps, these will seem less foamy and slippery, and it's a bit weird at first... but you get clean and you smell good just the same.

Although they built their business around soap, don't miss out on the other stuff. I'm the kind of frou-frou fellow who buys ridiculously expensive cologne to smell more rugged and manly than I actually am, but their solid colognes smell better at a lower price... and don't irritate my allergies as much, to boot.

Don't forget the customer service, either. I'd say they treat you like a friend, but I'd need a better quality of friend to do that.

Since I never trust a testimonial that is nothing but glowing praise (sounds like a paid shill)... well, they're small, and that means they don't always have everything in stock all the time. All the more reason to pick something up if you're on the fence, though... it might not be there next time." - Brian P

"Outlaw Soaps has never failed to impress me with both the quality of their products (I've tried the soap, lip balm and Hair& Beard Oil) and their dedication to customer satisfaction.

I'm always excited to order a gift or a treat for myself from Outlaw Soaps because I know they'll get it right and often exceed my expectations." - James Sarah Madison

"Outlaw Soaps rules!! I have a subscription delivery and what I can bear to give away goes to visitors and family/friends on special occasions. Every single person to whom I have gifted an Outlaw Soap has absolutely loved it. An across the board hit!! The unusual and inspired scents are such a delight in a world of samesamesame. I am a big fan of Calamity Jane and enjoy getting a wonderful smelling package filled with fun goodies and beautiful Nature Porn photos for my bathroom walls. The best part is that this high quality unique soap company is owned and operated by two incredible human beings. Win-win-win! Gift an Outlaw Soap to someone and they will have a whole new world of soaping to experience!" - Psychedelaluna

"I have been a customer of Outlaw soaps for about a year now, and I have no intentions of ending that anytime soon. I first found them by doing a google search for leather scented lotion, and I thought the website was very witty so I ordered a blazing saddles soap and lotion package. I fell in love with it as soon as I received it. I found myself wanting to shower all throughout the day just because of how good it smelled. I also have psoriasis and it gets very painful in the winter, well not only does the soap and lotions from Outlaw smell great, but it also helps my skin more than anyone would ever believe. Through my time being a customer of theirs, I have also had the chance to get to know them personally through facebook. They truly care about their customers, and it is very obvious. Not only do they connect through social media, but also through various mailings. One of the biggest things that got me, and it's a small thing, was that every invoice had a hand written thank you. I know that sounds small, but the fact that they took the time to just say thanks really meant a lot. I believe in them, I believe in their product, and I will be a faithful customer for as long as they are around." - Damon Adcock

"The best soap. The most creative people. I constantly just want to see what comes out of this company, which I feel is a continuous stream of amazing stories copy, super cool products and something I can always give as a gift which makes people happy. I am always asked 'where did you get that, it's awesome!'" - Amy R C

"Every order has been great. There are also little bonus surprises in my orders. The last one was a one inch high dinosaur. My husband loves surprises and that's been his favorite. The soaps smell so good and linger for hours. The names are the icing on the cake. Putting lotion in a stick for men is genius. After trying to get my husband to use lotion for 21 years, I succeeded after buying him the lotion sticks. He's actually got a bit of a problem with it now but it smells so good I overlook his new addiction to lotion. My husbands bathroom has also never smelled better; the smell of the soap lingers there as well. Oh, don't forget the solid cologne. My husband uses the Blazing Saddles soap, then the same scent in the lotion and stick and then carries the solid cologne to reapply throughout the day. I seriously smell his face and arms in public. I can't describe how deliciously masculine he smells 24 / 7 with Outlaw Soaps trilogy of soap, lotion and cologne!" - June

"At first I was skeptical about using a soap product called "Fire In The Hole", but upon first use, my hesitation was laid to rest! What a truly invigorating and eye-opening experience it is! I can't wait to try other varieties of Outlaw Soaps!" - Chris Wagganer

"I love love love Outlaw soaps! I'm a repeat customer because A. Who doesn't want to smell awesome and B. Danielle is seriously the best! Everything I've ever ordered is amazing and I love the fact that it's a small business, is American made, and that customer service is actually close to a friendship with them. They always go over and beyond! And the little extras (the packaging, stickers, tiny rubber chickens and dogs) makes it so much fun to open the box! The fact that I am in turn, awesome, when giving it as gifts doesn't hurt either. I send anyone I can their way and will continue to be a lifelong customer!" - Jess

"I love how each box I get is different from the ones I got before; not only because I order different things but also because sometimes little rubber animals or something like that comes with it. Each bar of soap I get is unique and special in its own way. Every product has its own design. Receiving this little box with my order is an adventure for itself and cannot in any way be compared to receiving a package from a huge online store. Because it has its own style and you can see that it's made with love and it's personal; not anonymous or like just another box filled on an assembly line. Also the way the soaps are packed they sort of come with their own wrapping (it looks lovely and special and there is no additional waste of paper!). I am a customer since 2013 and I am the happiest person in the world. It made me so happy to know that there are people out there that share the same passion about soaps and smells. I like that each time I visit the website there are new products that I am excited to hold in my hands, to smell on and to use. Even though I'm not from the US my orders are shipped quickly and I never had any problems with an order I placed. If you're still searching for the perfect gift: this is it. And make sure you order enough because once you smelled one of the products it's hard to not keep them for yourself! Trust me on this one. The soaps also last forever and my hands and skin got softer from using the soaps." - Anna

"i started with the soap of the month club, i first received the hair of the dog soap (it was great and different), by the time i received my soap the next month i didn't want to wait for next month so i bought many other different soaps. i can't say i have 1 favorite, i love them all. if you are tired of smelling like your girls flowery soap then these are the soaps for you." - lover of different soap