Why We Do It For adventurous people, by adventurous people

Outlaw is a company for adventurous people, by adventurous people. We live like the products we make: we love campfire, whiskey, and ill-advised explosions... standing a little too close, but being sure to wear fire-proof clothes.

We know there’s a time for quiet conversations and a time for asking your friend to hold your beer because you’ve got a great idea. (note: it’s never a great idea… and that’s why there's  YouTube)

Russ and I have built a business around what we find fun and interesting. It’s not for everyone… We get a lot of bruises in the regular course of life. Our hair is usually a mess. I probably have dirty fingernails. 

But it’s our life, and it’s pretty darn fun. 

If that sounds fun to you (or someone you know), you’ll probably like our products. If not, well, there are a million other companies for you, and that’s totally fine. No hard feelings

Bring the adventure to your every day How can a set of superb sundries change your life?

By reminding you of your favorite things.

If you're reminded of Who You Are all day, every day, you'll show up as the best version of yourself, no matter what you're doing. What speaks to your soul? You’ve found the new scent soundtrack to your incredible life!

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A different kind of company We Believe

We're Danielle & Russ Vincent, and we started Outlaw because we wanted to make a different kind of company.

We believe that good value doesn't mean cheaper, it means better quality, longer lasting, and more enjoyable to use.

We believe that good business practices don't have to be at odds with good social practices.

We believe that people do better when they feel better, and that good scents make people feel better.

We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. We lift up other businesses every opportunity we get.

We believe that kindness costs nothing, but is worth more than gold.

We believe in the goodness of dogs.

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Relax! Running with outlaws is risk-free Satisfaction guarantee

We want you to love what you ordered, so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like what you got, we'll refund your money (including shipping).

We know online ordering can feel like a risk, but we stand behind our products. If you don't love 'em, we'll refund your order.