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Your money ripples: How buying from Outlaw Soaps is building up a little rural town in California

The Band Of Outlaws

Left to right: Katie (Production Assistant), Ruth (Customer Service, Fulfillment, Etc Manager), Danielle (Bosslady), and Russ (Production & Operations).

When you order from us, you're ordering something that we designed, created from scratch, (often) cured, hand-labeled, and lovingly packed.

In Colfax, California (our home) Outlaw Soaps has not only created jobs (and hopefully will continue to create more), we've also increased the number of packages our rural post office handles, which is accounted for in their reporting. Your money has paid for our photographer, has bought ice cream from the newly opened candy shop, and even has paid for health insurance for us.

You are directly impacting the economy of Colfax.

Colfax is a town never really recovered from the last recession. Most of the storefronts on our street are closed and many of the buildings are for sale.

And I know you're buying stuff from us because you like what we make, but I wanted you to know that your money ripples.

If you ever want to visit, please let us know and we'll open our doors for you! We don't have a storefront (there just isn't the foot traffic to support one), but our customers are always welcome.

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