You may not be everyone's cup of tea, but you're definitely OUR SHOT OF WHISKEY!

UPDATE: These are currently out of stock (eesh, that was fast) but we're working on getting more soon!

Because you're consistently breaking the laws of awesomeness per capita, we've put together a little extra somethin' somethin' for all y'all outlaws who have been lusting after my keychain (I know, it's an uncommon thing to lust after, but we're uncommon people with uncommon desires).

Side author's note: For those of you who aren't following us on Instagram (, I posted a photo of my keychain and it started a minor kerfuffle.

From today (December 1) until the end of the month (or until supplies run out, whichever is sooner), we're going to be sending out free goodies:

  • $50+ orders get you the fancy keychain (and free shipping in the US)
  • $75+ orders get you the fancy keychain and this fine Outlaw logo mug (and also free shipping in the US)

Unfortunately we can only ship these in the US, since we're covering the cost of shipping (and I can tell you, it's gettin' pretty precious), but that's where 90%+ of our orders are, so I hope you qualify.

So place your order today and be sippin' out of a fine Outlaw cup in nearly no time at all... and your keychain will be steadfastly by your side, reminding you that you should keep on breaking those laws of awesomeness.

Because you don't have to be everyone's cup of tea.


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