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Wish you could use natural body wash but the plastic packaging is bad for the environment? Go ahead, drop the soap

Billions of plastic body wash bottles...

... is a nightmare. It's a nightmare for all of us (and if it isn't yours, you sleep a lot better than I do). But still, 2/3 of people prefer body wash to soap.

Why? Lots of reasons!

First, there's the hygiene issue. If you're in a household or dorm or locker room with lots of other people, soap might not be a thing you'd like to share with your buddies. There's a reason why hotels are switching to refillable body wash containers and not multi-guest-sized soap bars.

Second, there's the joyous amount of fragrant bubbles. Sure, Outlaw handmade soap is great for both stable and frothy lather, but to really bring the shampoo-horn-style fun into your bathing ritual, you're going to want body wash.

Third, Outlaw body wash in particular can be used as shampoo, so that shampoo horn reference wasn't theoretical.

And fourth, some people just plain prefer body wash. In fact, most people do, statistically speaking.

Outlaw natural body wash comes in a recyclable aluminum bottle, so you can return to body wash again!

It's true - We care so much about the elimination of virgin plastic bottles that we had recyclable aluminum bottles custom made for our natural body wash and lotion. During a pandemic.

Yeah, some people thought we were crazy, but it's important to us! (and we hope that it's important to you, too!)

It's not your bottle's last rodeo!

All you have to do is peel off the label (which is garbage, sadly), rinse out the bottle, and recycle the bottle with your cans. The pump is recyclable.

How do you like them apples? (I genuinely wonder - Are they good?)

Is bar soap really better for the environment?

The jury is out. When considering ecological impact, lots of factors can be considered.

The ecological tax of shipping many single bars of soap is quite heavy. But if you're buying it from a store along with other things, that impact is less.

The process of making aluminum bottles and shipping them is quite energy intense, where as our soap boxes come from a factory in Sacramento.

Soap boxes come from trees, and other companies' soap boxes may be coated, which makes them not recyclable. So if you like trees, you'll want to make sure the cardboard is recycled and uncoated.

How is Outlaw continuing to pursue eco-neutrality?

We are doing so many things to preserve our eco-neutrality: We could go on and on about all the things we do to preserve our eco-neutrality (for example, all orders are carbon neutral), but that's another post for another day.

For today, get yourself sustainably packaged bottle of natural body wash and live happily lather after.


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