Why we're making Mountain Hideout body wash, lotion, and hand wash

It's challenging to make a pine or forest-scented personal care product that stands out in a crowded marketplace of air-freshener type pine scents, so we knew we were fighting an uphill battle with Mountain Hideout, our pine-inspired handmade soap that smells like forest, damp earth, and campfire. How can we clearly articulate how lush and evocative our Mountain Hideout is without sounding like we're talking about Pine Sol?

We knew the only way to prove ourselves is to get our soap in the hands (and showers) of our customers through samples... so we started including little travel-size samples of Mountain Hideout Soap with many of the website orders.

To our delight, people started ordering it both as a solo bar, and also as part of the Slick and Simple Soap Subscription.

We use the subscription numbers to drive product development, so when it came time to make our new lotion, body wash, and hand wash labels, we decided to go ahead and expand the Mountain Hideout line to provide a fuller coverage.

Our goal is to provide the scent soundtrack to your adventurous life, so when you indicate you want to smell like a lush pine forest, we want to meet you there.

Have you tried Mountain Hideout Soap? What do you think?

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