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What's coming in September's Clean Getaway Soap Subscription Box

Every other month, subscribers to the Clean Getaway Subscription Box get two unique and exclusive bars of soap and one other item (usually an oft-requested item). This month is no difference, and since the third item is so incredibly oft requested, I thought I'd give y'all a little heads up.

Calamity Jane Solid Cologne

Calamity Jane Solid Cologne for Men and WomenYou know that amazing solid cologne we have? Well, we made a special batch in our renegade clove, whiskey, and orange scent, Calamity Jane. It's a fine portable little pocket-full-of-badass for you to get out and rouse some rabble with.

Desert Bloom Bar Soap

The orange and green swirl is a throwback to a soap we made when we first started out this crazy little operation. It's the scent of orange and fresh cut grass. It's a lovely Summer scent to round us out into Fall.

Long Rider Bar Soap

Clean Getaway Soap Subscription BoxThis is going to be one of my favorites: cedar and campfire, with a touch of sweetness and tobacco. It's going to be smoky and luxurious, the perfect thing for the seasonal shift into the weather of sweaters and getting back to the wood pile for Winter.

We're excited for this box o' bounty for you to get!

Ordinarily, you have to subscribe by the 5th of the month before it goes out (so we can make the stuff for it), but I got this notification out a little late.

If you'd like to sign up, there are still a few extra openings for subscribers (we always make limited editions for these), so if you subscribe by the end of the day on Thursday (and we have supplies), we'll jump you into this box.

Subscribe to the Clean Getaway Subscription Box Here

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