Solid Cologne Sample Set

Solid cologne is a clever and effective alternative to your traditional spray colognes, ideal for carrying in your pocket and easily accessing your favorite scent on the go, with no risk of choking those around you with each spritz.

You can now choose your own solid cologne samples in our mix & match sample set:

Use solid cologne whenever you need it, want it or simply feel like it, but how do you use it?

Using solid cologne is easy, think of it like a wax or balm, but not applied to your hair or lips. Understanding how to apply solid cologne takes a matter of seconds.

Our solid cologne couldn’t be simpler to use:
1. Open your tin
2. Rub your fingers along the top of the wax so it gets on your fingers
3. Wipe your fingers down the pulse points on your wrists and neck
4. Bask in the glory of your sensational new scent

That’s it! Using your solid cologne is easy, and quick and you can apply it throughout the day on the go as the tins are small enough to fit in your pocket, bag or wherever you want.

What’s in solid cologne?

Understandably, you want to know what’s in anything you put on your skin. If you’re used to spraying colognes, then it might be hard to get your head around a solid alternative to your favorite scent.

Solid cologne is scent mixed into a wax base. Our wax bases are natural, unscented beeswax combined with fine skin conditioners. The wax allows the cologne to remain solid and stay in its tin and the combination of wax and scent creates a subtle cologne you can use however you choose.

If you like a strong, powerful scent, slather on plenty, if you prefer it light and subtle, a little dab should suffice.

Why choose solid cologne for men and women?

Our scents are for everyone, you can simply choose the scent that suits you best and roll with it. However, there are many reasons our solid colognes might be the best choice for you. Here are some of the top reasons why solid cologne is just great.

1. Portability

No.1 on the list is how easy it is to carry your cologne with you. No need for bulky liquid-filled bottles that alert the attention of the TSA on your travels, just a tin of your top scent, tucked in your pocket. Topping up your scent on the go couldn’t be easier, whether you want a little extra scent before a night out or need to keep the stink at bay after a session at the gym. Open your tin, rub the wax and apply it to your pressure points.

2. Durability

There’s no chance of your solid cologne smashing, getting damaged or leaking. The clue’s in the name – solid. The sturdy tin design keeps your cologne secure and even if you drop your bag or (for some reason) launch it across the room, the most your cologne will experience is possibly a dent.

3. Easy to Use (Properly!)

There’s nothing worse than being around someone who’s sprayed on too much cologne. You smell them before you see them! Stinking of anything is not a good thing, and with the best solid colognes, you can easily apply the amount of cologne that suits your mood or the moment. The scents are often milder than a spray cologne, and by applying directly to the pressure points you’re using cologne correctly as it was intended, and not drowning yourself, your clothes and those around you in an abrasive cloud of your chosen scent.

4. Skin Kind Formulas

Many colognes have a high alcohol percentage (the alcohol we use is organic), and this is known to dry out the skin. The occasional spray is fine and won’t be drying out your skin too much, but with solid cologne, you’ve got a formula which is rich in moisturizing ingredients, no alcohol and well also add conditioners to our solid colognes, adding even more goodness for your skin.

Is there anything NOT to like about solid colognes?

Nothing is perfect and we’re not going to lie and say solid colognes are the best solution for everybody. Our spray cologne range shows we still recognize and celebrate the need (and preference) for a spritz of your favorite scent.

Solid colognes do have some downsides, though we’d say they’re dependent on you and to keep an open mind:

  1. Lasting fragrance: some users report solid colognes don’t have the same staying power as their spray alternatives. We’ve had reports our colognes last all day while other wearers say they’re quite subtle, it’s all down to the individual. Also, we’ve designed our scents to be subtle, personal and marry closely with your own scent, creating something unique and 100% you.
  2. Availability: solid colognes are kind of a new thing, and you may struggle to find them on the shelves in your usual store. We’ve solved that issue easily with our wide range of solid colognes in our leading scents.
  3. The melting point: solid colognes are wax based so there is the risk of melting, especially in hotter climates. Our colognes have a melt point of 85 degrees Fahrenheit so they should be safe in your pocket, but maybe don’t leave them out in the sun. They can also potentially melt during the shipping process but don’t worry if this happens, we’ll have a replacement out to you right away.

Try Outlaw Solid Colognes

Our range of solid colognes gives you plenty of scents to choose from, and a chance to give the solid alternative to your favorite scent a go. Choosing between solid and spray cologne can involve a little experimentation, or you might want to enjoy your favorite scent in both solid and spray versions for different occasions.

Explore our best solid cologne reviews and if you’re not sure which scent best suits, consider our samples range too. It includes our Blazing Saddles, Fire in the Hole, The Gambler and Calamity Jane. Our collection is awash with fresh flavors, gorgeous scents and aromas that add that little bit extra you’re after, we can’t wait for you to try them.

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