WANTED: Dani, AKA "The Gentleman"

Hey Dani! Thanks for joinin' us! To start with, what's your favorite Outlaw activity (or activities)?

Hiding out in the forest like Robin Hood! Well, actually, I used to go walking in one of Henry VIII’s favorite forests and would sometimes find arrowheads. That was pretty cool.

Now I live in Wales, UK, so there's a lot of walking through lush green forests and over hills. I guess a cowboy would probably do a lot of walking.
That and brewing delicious beer and moonshine: drinking it makes the walking a necessity!

Your favorite Outlaw scent is The Badlands. Why's that your favorite?

The Badlands is rugged, yet smooth. It evokes images of laying by a campfire, in the shadow of the cactuses on a cool desert night. It’s peaceful, but you feel that it’s the calm before the storm. It makes me feel attractive.

In general, what do you love best about Outlaw? We're always anglin' for compliments.

I like the way you guys and gals live the life you promote. You’re honest, engaging and damned helpful. I feel like i’m getting a personal service, and in days when customer service doesn’t matter to many businesses, it sure as hell matters to me. You get that right and your high-quality products back it up.

Thanks so much for being part of the gang, Dani!

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As always, thanks for being in our little gang!

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