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WANTED: Ashley, AKA "Flakk"

Hey Ashley! Thanks for joinin' us! To start with, what's your favorite Outlaw activity (or activities)?

I like to camp and fish. Read. Draw and paint some. Thunderstorms are also something I love. Watching them roll in and what happens during. Taking pictures of sunrise and sunsets is also something I like.

One year out fishin, Dad and I ran across mountain cat tracks, fresh enough for us to un ass the area right quick. I also like to go on trips, one year it was to Tasmania. Looking forward to adding more to those lists.

Your favorite Outlaw scent is The Gambler / Hair of the Dog. Why's that your favorite?

It's not my only favorite, but it made my cut because it just seems to add an extra level of badassery. It rides smooth on the ole nose hairs and gives my step more giddyup.

In general, what do you love best about Outlaw? We're always anglin' for compliments.

Monster trout on the line.

Straight shootin on shipping and issues if any.

(I haven't had any, but if a problem would happen, I feel very confident the team you've gathered will take care of it.)

Dedication, passion, and drive. You guys all rule!

Thanks so much for being part of the gang, Ashley!

If you'd like to submit your own response for a chance at getting a free t-shirt and 500 in Outlaw Gold, you can fill out our nifty form here: https://airtable.com/shrHY8QdMR0vxNXsq

As always, thanks for being in our little gang!

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