Veterans Day
Visited an army surplus place today in Beatty, Nevada. The owner, Keith, is a Veteran. I thanked him for his service, and marveled at the incredible surplus stuff he has... I have always been amazed at the people go off to war, voluntarily putting themselves in the path of danger, and come back with their wounds, both visible and invisible. I honestly admit I do not have that courage, and it is an awe-inspiring amount of courage, grit, and the integrity to stand up for our country. To all our Veteran customers (and hi Dad!), I thank you so much, deeply and genuinely for your service. And we are proud to employ a veteran, Ron, as Operations Manager.

Outlaw is a proud supporter of the K9s for Warriors project, which trains and pairs service dogs with people suffering from the wounds of war.

We are working to find some meaningful way we can show our appreciation and support for those who served our country, who are currently suffering. This isn’t just a flag-waving for a holiday, this is our commitment.

And if you are active duty or a veteran, we have a 20% off military discount (see the link in the bottom of our site).

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