The Wild Life Soap Set: The Western soap set for the Wild West enthusiast in your life

If you've been around the Outlaw Soaps rodeo for a while (not an official thing... yet), you may have heard of -- or even tried -- our nearly world famous Wild Life Soap Set. If you're not familiar, you're really missing out...

You could  start your day by showering with your bar of Hair of the Dog whiskey soap , enjoy washing your hands with Blazing Saddles leather, sandalwood, gunpowder, sage, and adrenaline soap , and carry Fire in the Hole campfire soap with you throughout the day to transport you to the trail anytime you need it.

Right now, if you ordered the soap set from our site, you'd get a lovely set of three tissue-wrapped soaps in a burlap bag with a lovely gift tag. It worked great for the straight-from-the-internet gift giving, but it really left something to be desired from the retail display.

Well... HUZZAH.

You will be excited to know that we have commissioned our superstar designer, Alyssa, and our amazing printing company, Guided, to create a lovely three-soap box suitable for stockings, shelf-presents, desk-giving, etc.

Here is a preview of the finished product (though there are a couple minor edits in the final):

The Wild Life Western Soap Gift Set

It's going to be printed on the same lovely recycled kraft chipboard our soap boxes are printed on, so those white spaces 'll be all lovely and rustic looking.

I know you've got the imagination to bring this to life. I have seen your soap reviews and you, my friend, have an imagination.

We'll also be soon introducing a similar box for the solid colognes, since those are truly amazing as well.

So if you're a fan of our soaps -- any of our soaps -- you'll want to give the Wild Life Western Soap Set a try. It's like a Wild West montage in your shower.

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