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The New Survival Quiz - How would you survive with a Life on the Mountain?

In anticipation of our new scent, Life on the Mountain, which brings the vibrancy and growth of the forest to your life, wherever you are, I've made a really amazing survival quiz to test how much (or how little) you know about survival: https://outlaw.love/Survival

I've watched soooooo many episodes of Survivorman that I actually looked up what Les Stroud was doing before making this quiz. I thought maybe he'd be willing to lend some wise words... but it turns out that most essentials of survival are readily available with a quick Google search (thanks, Backpacker Magazine!).

Sure, I took the Sierra Club's wilderness travel course, but it was more than a decade ago, and I could use a refresher before compiling the hands-down best survival quiz ever*.

SIDE NOTE: If you score less-than-True-Survivor, I strongly recommend that wilderness travel course, which can be found here: https://www.wildernesstravelcourse.org/

Russ and I are watching episodes of Survivorman tonight, just to brush up.

* This claim of being the best survival quiz is 100% true, to my knowledge, which is 0%. I don't know of any other survival quizzes at all, so this must be the best.


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