Danielle and Russ Vincent of Outlaw

If you've ordered from us, you've probably seen a photo of our dear little dogs, Roxy and Sadie (if you haven't, you're probably wondering why we include a photo of our dogs in orders... trust me, it makes sense in context).

Roxy, the pug/beagle mix in my (Danielle's) arms, joined our company in 2013 as the VP of Animal Testing. She takes this job very seriously, and, as part of her vigilance against animal testing, steadfastly refuses to take baths of any kind. She even regards walks in the rain as a kind of cruelty to animals, and has been known to take a firm (sometimes squatting) stance against "sky baths."

We hired Roxy from the canine career placement service known as the "Oakland SPCA."

Sadie, the chihuahua/dachshund mix in Russ's arms, joined our company in 2015. After volunteering to help with sales/marketing at our booth at the Oakland Jack of all Trades Market, we hired her full time from the Hopalong Animal Rescue as our Senior Cuteness Manager. Though she is quite junior in stature, we can all agree she is senior in adorability.

Now that we are building our team, we look forward to introducing the HUMAN folks behind Outlaw, but for now, we had this photo of our dogs. Stay tuned for more profiles of the Outlaws behind these soaps you love so well.


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