The cologne bottles arrived and I'm losing my mind
Western Cologne Wild West
Look, I know you can't possibly be as excited as I am about our new cologne bottles, so I'll just tell you a little story to try to share a little of the excitement.
We had this bottle... it was fine, but I wouldn't say it was, yanno, KAPOW material. It was smallish - good to fit in the palm of your hand, and under the TSA weight requirement of 3 oz, so I felt pretty good about that.
But there was a problem: It just didn't FEEL right.
So I was looking at other colognes on Amazon, trying to see what we needed to do to be part of that exclusive market, and I noticed most of the bottles were around the 3 oz range. 3.3 oz, to be exact.
On a bit of a lark, I ordered the 3.3 oz size, which I ordinarily wouldn't have done - we had a sample and the sample was fine. It was OK.
The bigger bottles arrived today and THEY ARE MAGNIFICENT. The glass is all wavy like old time ghost town glass, and it feels so RIGHT in my hand.
I know you'll love 'em.

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