The Badlands smoky cologne for men and women

If you’ve ever tried The Badlands Cologne, you’ve undoubtedly enjoyed its rich, wonderful, woody scent that’s both subtle and quiet, yet somehow bold.

I guess you could say it’s the strong, silent type.

We made the cologne, but never quite got to making it into a bar soap. Why? Because we weren’t sure if it was a different enough scent to justify a whole new product type.

Part of our business model is that we only make scents that are truly novel and unconventionally beautiful.

Not just novel for the sake of being novel, but novel in a way that is aligned with reminding our Outlaws who we are at our best.

The Badlands does check half of those boxes: It undoubtedly reminds us of who we are at our best. It smells like a quiet twilight on the trail, of embers fading as the stars burn brighter, and of the easy feeling away from the trappings of our modern world.

Did you hear a coyote?
Is that an owl?
Did you see that shooting star?

But is it truly novel?

If you haven’t tried The Badlands, we’d love for you to try it and let us know what you think.

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