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What a Bonnie Gets Her Clyde

Hey partners, it’s almost Valentine's Day! And let’s face it, the old V-D has never been a real Outlaw-friendly occasion. Even today it’s hard for a rough-n-tumble gal to find the right gift for her rougher-n-tumbler guy. (Or her rougher-n-tumbler gal. No assumptions here.) Heck, Bonnie never gave Clyde a...

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| Danielle Vincent

The Magnificent 7 reasons Outlaw Soaps are the best Valentine's Day gifts

1: They're intimate, but not creepy intimate Giving someone the gift of Outlaw Soaps (the Blazing Saddles soap and lotion set, for example) says "I know you well enough to know you'll love smelling like you just walked off a Western movie set," without overtly saying "I want to think of you in the shower." 2: Your Valentine will think of you fondly every day And they'll be thinking of you in the shower. So, like, that's pretty great, right?

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