We're No Stinkin' Outlaws — our customers rock

| Jennalee Rhodes

Try Outlaw Sidekicks Cologne Samples, practically for free!

Yep, you read that right! When you order the Outlaw Sidekicks Cologne Samples we will send you an email for a $50 gift certificate when it's delivered so you can get the spray cologne of YOUR CHOICE! Isn't that a deal? I mean, I've been working here for a while, and...

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| The Outlaws

Outlaw Gold: You can take that to the bank!

Right now, the loyalty program is just a tiny little idea of a thing we wanted to create... I know it's a little silly, but we just wanted to activate it so you could start getting points on purchases and redeeming 'em for discounts from time to time. It's not fancy.

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| Danielle Vincent

FDA-Approved KN95 Masks Are HERE

After what seemed like forever of waiting, the KN95 masks finally arrived! You might remember these masks from the time when we sold bandana face masks, with the offer that, for every mask bought, we'd send a KN95 mask to a frontline worker. (for those of you who missed out...

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