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| Danielle Vincent

I waited my whole life for this moment: The Ultimate Tribute to my Favorite American Hero

He may not be everyone's idea of a hero, but he sure is mine.Why is Hunter S. Thompson my hero? No, it isn't his reckless lifestyle, ample consumption of bourbon and cigarettes, wildly enthusiastic use of fast vehicles and powerful firearms, or confusingly potentially-lethal quantity of mind-altering substances. Sure, those are all admirable on some level, but there are hundreds (if not thousands) of deadbeats on Hollywood Boulevard pursuing that heavy dream.Thompson is my hero because of his vision and his writing. Because of the relentless and ruthless dedication to the truth.After his coverage of the 1972 Presidential election forRolling Stone, McGovern's campaign manager called his reporting "the least factual, most accurate account" of the election.His writing reflects the same kind of hopeless optimism and grim resignation that we see today in "The Daily Show."He covered a time when America was recovering from slap after slap in its patriotic face. Our...

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