"Sometimes the person who wins the rodeo is just the person flexible and stubborn enough to stay in the saddle the longest." - Danielle

This is Tad Lucas. She was a professional rodeo rider.

I bought her photo (this photo, in fact) off eBay about a decade ago and it sat on my desk at ABC and then at Oprah, reminding me that even on the rugged and wild ride of entertainment (which was our industry), it was possible to stay in the saddle and even, if you work very hard, to have a good time doing it.

Small business ownership is this x100.

When I went to Babson College for the 10,000 Small Businesses Program by Goldman Sachs & Babson, they asked us to bring a cultural artifact: something that we felt represented our company. I brought in Tad Lucas.

We've been growing a lot this year - our 2019 website sales to date have already passed all of 2018 sales. Our staff has grown by 8. And now, we're launching a new wholesale program designed to get Outlaw Soaps in every appropriate store in the US.

We're staying in the saddle. We're working very hard.

And if we're really lucky, we'll have a good time doing it.

Thanks for being on this buckin' bronco with us!

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