Spray Cologne Reviews

The cologne reviews are rolling in, and they're winners!

Check out these awesome reviews:

Blazing Saddles Cologne: The rugged Western smell of leather, gunpowder, sandalwood, and sagebrush


"Blown away!
So I’ve been a returning customer for a while now and I’m never disappointed. The Blazing Saddles Line is truly my favorite. The Outlaws are an great bunch o’ folks. If you’re looking for something that’s unique and not the same ole same ole, go to outlaw soaps and I guarantee you will find pure awesomeness!" - Jason L


"I tell you what...
You’ll wanna smell like this for the rest of yer days." - Jeff

The Gambler Cologne: Cologne inspired by whiskey, tobacco, and warm leather


"corn mash bourbon
In liquid form, at least on me, the sweeter notes come forward. You're getting some tobacco and leather, but a corn-heavy bourbon dominates them. With the namesake soap, the smell seems more balanced, so it might just be my own chemistry.

Speaking of 'my own chemistry,' I also find this less irritating than most synthetic colognes. Less sneezing, burning, or itchiness after applying.

It's a less complicated than other scents at this price point, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing if you know what you want. It also makes it more 'unisex,' if that matters to you; you aren't getting either the florals of "female" perfumes or the oud, vetiver, etc. you traditionally get in 'male' cologne. Outlaws don't have to fit gender stereotypes if they don't want to! It also feels more "all occasion." While I have some colognes I'd only wear in spring or fall, or only in the evening, I like wearing this any time.

The scent is sufficiently strong and lasts a while. Given the size of the bottle, don't be put off by the price; you'll be using it for some time." - Brian P


"she can't keep her hands off my deck
since the first moment i started wearing this cologne..
every time i sit down for a friendly game of cards..
my wife can't keep her hands off my deck.." - Russell S

Fire in the Hole Cologne: Explosively awesome cologne that smells like campfire, gunpowder, sagebrush, and a rowdy weekend with friends


Beautifully packaged, and smells as good as it looks!" - Azsa


So there you have it! All three colognes are haulin' 5 stars. Order yours today and get them when they come out on October 1!

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