Natural Solid Cologne by Outlaw
I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: our solid cologne is made with the same high quality ingredients as our (no longer available) solid lotion. We used to make a hand balm for extra dry hands, and people kept using it as cologne and asking if we could make the scent stronger and put it in a smaller tin, so we did.

And this means that in a pinch, our solid cologne doubles as hand balm.

Since we recently moved to Reno, and Reno’s literally tumbleweed country, my hands have been aching for protection. Thankfully, I’ve always got my Badlands solid cologne in my bag. And yeah, it does smell amazing and a little strong for hand cream, but no one minds. In fact, when I use my Badlands as hand balm, the most common response is, “Wow! You smell GREAT! What is that?”

There are a half dozen other MacGyver uses for our solid cologne… what’s yours?

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