Ship happens

Though we strive to be the pinnacles of perfection, sometimes ship happens. In this case, a customer wrote us asking why shipping on his Slick and Simple Single Soap Subscription was so high. He was charged about $7 to ship a $7 bar of soap, and, well, it seemed excessive.

The actual shipping cost should have been closer to $4 (First Class), but because his original order included other items, his recurring charge had automatically been set up to cover Priority. We corrected the shipping on his order, refunded the difference, and changed the recurring charge so this doesn't happen again, but...

Ship Happens.

Because of this customer's query, as well as the similar queries of a few other customers, we have undertaken a full audit of our recurring charges. In the cases where people have been overpaying for shipping on their recurring orders, we will be issuing refunds for the extra shipping paid.

Transparency is important to us, and I know sometimes the shipping costs seem steep. We appreciate your communication and are always striving to do better.

If you want to get free shipping, you can sign up for the Double Down Essential Soap and Lotion Subscription Box.

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